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Movies are a very important part of my life. I avidly enjoy watching them, and really want to share my some of my favorite & least favorite movies. I used to have a movie reviewing column in the Elwood City Times, but that was pretty short lived. I wasn't being honest with my reviews and being sorta famous went to my head. But I promise you I will be very honest with these ones!

Favorite Movies

  1. Bionic Bunny: The Movie
  2. Bionic Bunny 2
  3. Le Murmure de Silence
  4. Giant Exploding Robots 3D
  5. Henry Skreever & The Brick of Wonders
  6. Bionic Bunny 4
  7. Slappy Blackhead
  8. The Chronicles of Ahmayzzia: The Forbidden Battle
  9. Mr. Meerkat's Merry Misadventure
  10. The Agent of Change (Really Amazing that my Friends made it!)

  11. Least Favorite Movies

    1. Mary Moo Cow: The Movie
    2. Kresblain (I will never catch Kresblamania)
    3. Bionic Bunny 5 (You can hear my thoughts about this one in Postcards from Buster)
    4. Ram Pack
    5. Doll Story 2

    Favorite TV Shows

    1. Love Ducks
    2. Bionic Bunny
    3. Dark Bunny
    4. Mister Roger's Neighborhood
    5. Top Supermarket Clerk

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