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Season 15 Episode 1

After 15 seasons and 345 episode segments you’d think the Arthur team would run out of episode ideas. However, the writing team proves their longevity with the two part season 15 premiere Fifteen. Down to every little detail, this episode hits the spot, which makes it one of my favorites of the series. The three intertwined plot lines make it downright entertaining to viewers of all ages. About a year ago, I watched this episode with my grandparents, and they were at the edge of their seats the entire time.

Three characters elevate this episode from good to Arthur G.O.A.T. status, and these three characters are Mr. Haney, Nemo and Flip Wattles the game show host. Throughout the episode, Mr. Haney shows us why his halfwitted-ness makes him quite possibly one of the best characters in the show. The running gag of Mr. Haney goofing up his announcements on the PA system continues from way back in Arthur It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll. Then, for the all-school assembly, Mr. Haney messes up the slide showing George, accidentally showing Binky who looks as if he is about to pulverize someone. The late Walter Massey, also shows us his incredible voice acting skills, and Mr. Haney’s technology skills when answering the phone call with Flip Wattles and incorrectly identifying him as his mother!

Approximately 3 minutes into the episode we are introduced to the dogs and babies plot, which is also when we all started rolling our eyes. However, the writers introduce us to one of the most avante-garde plots of all time and some good laughs from the villain Nemo. The main plot is Nemo being infatuated with this wiskered picture of the Mona Lisa, and him using it to derive a secret formula to eliminate all imaginary friends forever. This plot is just so out there, and absolutley cracks me up everytime I watch this episode. And if you look into it, it is also pretty dark as Nemo is wanting to destroy imaginary friends forever. The collaboration of the imaginary friends like Treenie and the grotesque Uncle Wormy is also a touch that is sure to bring you a laugh. Also kudos to the animators for the appearance of Uncle Wormy. Lastly, we have Flip Wattles, who is an absurd coffee loving 70’s gameshow host of 15 Minutes of Fame, the gameshow that George plays. His appearance alone is downright hilarious, with a purple suit and his accent. He then goes on to call George “Josh” and pronounce his last name “Lungdrain,” which is pretty funny.

The writers somehow find a great way to connect these three plots together without the episode getting to confusing, as well as making the episode far out there. 15 years into the show Arthur proves that it is still just as strong as it was in the early seasons with this gem of an episode.

By Nicholas DeMarco

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