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Coming Soon! Interview!

August 14, 2023

Can't wait for you guys to hear this interview!

We are so excited to share with you guys an interview with someone who was featured on the Postards from Buster series! We have always wanted to start doing proper interviews, so our first one will be coming out this week. We hope that you enjoy it!

A Brand New Arthur Podcast Premiering on October 20th!

October 7, 2022

PBS and WGBH have announced a new weekly Arthur podcast that will premiere on major streaming platforms on October 20th! The first season will consist of eight episodes and highlight classic episodes, as well as tell new stories about Arthur and his family. There is also a chance you could be featured on the podcast, as fans are able to submit audio clips to “Arthur’s Inbox” on the PBS Kids Parents website.

PBS also released a video teaser for the show on Thursday, featuring Arthur and D.W.. You can watch the trailer here!

Mark Your Calendars, Arthur It's Only Rock 'n' Roll is Coming Back to PBS!

December 29, 2021

For the first time in nearly 20 years the classic special Arthur It's Only Rock 'n' Roll featuring the Backstreet Boys is coming to the PBS Kids 24/7 Channel! On February 20th at 8pm the special will air as a lead up to the premiere of the final season. Finally U Stink and the gang will be reunited on national television.

New Arthur Fanmade Mini-Documentary Out This Monday

November 6, 2021

For the past three months, we have worked in collaboration with The Blockbuster Fanpage to bring you a brand new Arthur mini-documentary. This half hour documentary takes a deep dive into the origins of the Arthur series, and brings the nostalgia right to your eyes by taking a look at the most iconic episodes and moments. Click here to subscribe to the new channel where the documentary will premiere this Monday at 10 AM EST.

Final Season confirmed by Arthur crew, and will premiere in the Winter 2022!

July 27, 2021

It has been confirmed by Arthur Executive Producer Carol Greenwald that the final Season of Arthur will premiere in the Winter of 2022.Carol and the Arthur team have stated that no new episodes will air after season 25, but that additional Arthur content will be created and released. After hearing the news, many Arthur fans were worried that PBS would no longer play reruns, but it was later Confirmed by Erin Callanan, WGBH Director of Media Relations that reruns would continue. Callanan said “I think the most important thing to note is that Arthur isn’t going away. Arthur will continue to air on PBS KIDS for years.”

But don't worry Arthur fans, there is still plenty to look forward to! The Arthur Finale Season will officially begin on August 7th, when the Arthur exhibition at the Fenimore Art Museum opens. This exhibition will give us an inside look at Marc Brown's artwork, and creative process in creating his books and the Arthur show. The Museum is located in Cooperstown, NY, and will be on display until December 31, 2021. Children ages 19 and under will recieve free admission!

Finale season will continue on Labor Day as the final Arthur special, "Arthur's First Day" will premiere! In this episode, Arthur will be entering the fourth grade, and be figuring out how to navigate himself throughout the school year.

On January 11, 2022, the final Arthur book titled Believe in Yourself: What We Learned From Arthur will be released! This is a "big book" and took a while to make said author Marc Brown in his Democracy for Dinosaurs virtual book release. The book will be nearly 130 pages, and is expected to reflect on the entire book series, as well as the show. The book is available for pre-order now from several online retailers. We encourage you to order a copy from your local independent book store, or ask your librarian to get a copy for your local library!

Lastly, the final season will premiere sometime in the Winter of 2022. The exact date is not yet known, but follow the Frensky Star for more updates. There also may be additional events during the Arthur Finale Season to be announced at a later date.

New Arthur 1-Hour Special to Premiere on PBS this Labor Day!

July 8, 2021

This labor day, a brand new one hour special titled Arthur's First Day will air on PBS. This is likely to be the final one hour special of the series. There are many theories as to what this final special will be about. What we do know is that there is a new game released on the PBS Kids site titled "Kindergarten Helpers," which is online now. Thus suggests that D.W. and Arthur will finally be moving up a grade! Thank you to Peebs and PBSKidsisis for providing us with this information.

Arthur Creator Marc Brown on Antiques Roadshow Celebrity Edition

May 8, 2021

On Monday May 10th, Marc Brown will be featured on the 25th season of the beloved PBS program Antiques Roadshow. The episode will air at 8/7 central on PBS, and will take a look at some of Marc's original sketches, artwork and other antiques that he has collected over the years.

"An Arthur Thanksgiving" Premieres Nov. 16th!

November 14, 2020

There is a brand new 1-hour Arthur special coming to PBS on Monday November 16th! This will be only the second Thanksgiving themed episode in the series (The other being "Francine's Pilfred Paper"). The Arthur team has been teasing about the special on social media as early as April. Now we will finally get to see the first Arthur release in nearly a year. Carol Greenwald, the Executive Producer of Arthur, was interviewed on WGBH's Lunch Hour Live this past week, and talked about the upcoming special. One of the characters that will be getting a little more developement in this episode is Aunt Minnie. Auntie Minnie has only been featured in one other episode and is described by Greenwald an independent woman, and really connects to D.W.. Another character that has been confirmed to be featured in this episode is Mr. Ratburn's husband Patrick. He has only been feautured in two previous episodes in Season 22, but has yet to make an appearance since then.

Tune in on Monday on your local PBS Station to watch the brand new Arthur special! The episode will also be on the PBS Video app the next day, and on PBSKids.org.

Wear a Mask!

September 30, 2020

The one and only Francine Frensky has a new PSA video with Muffy Crosswire about a very important issue. It's wearing a mask! Click Here to Watch!

Arthur Seasons 24 & 25 episodes announced! (Series Finale??!!)

September 1, 2020

According to KET public television, Arthur has released their titles for their new episodes for the next two seasons! On November 16th a 1-hour Thanksgiving Special Titled "Arthur Thanksgiving will Premiere! And another untitled special will also be released within these two seasons. The speculated series finale will be titled "All Grown Up" (Airdate TBD) Source

New Arthur DVD

August 25, 2020

"Arthur: The Ultimate Frienship Collection" has been released on DVD! It is the first Arthur DVD out since last years "Celebrates Community DVD." This brand new DVD is a three disc set comes in a clear poly-box, and features over 10 hours of Arthur (48 Episodes)! Click Here to purchase the new DVD!!

Breaking News!

August 23, 2020

The Frensky Star is now online!



August 23, 2020

It has long been the policy of the Frensky Star to speak out against injustice. We on the Frensky Star, recognize racism as a serious issue that all of us need to take part in fighting against. Please watch the new "Arthur on Racism" Video featuring Arthur, Buster, and Mrs. MacGrady. Click Here to Watch!

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